Turkish Alcohol Policy Platform established

The Turkish Alcohol Policy Platform (TAPP) was established with the participation of 27 organizations including the Turkish Green Crescent Society on Friday, March 8, 2013.

A meeting was held at Sepetçiler Kasrı on Friday, March 8 with the participation of 27 organizations. The Turkish Alcohol Policy Platform was established with an extensive support from civil society and public organizations during the meeting hosted by the Turkish Green Crescent Society.

Broad participation from civil society and public organizations

During the meeting at Sepetçiler Kasrı, the representatives of the organizations have underscored the need for the TAPP’s work and stressed that they will cooperate for the development of alcohol policies.

The platform has member organizations which include not only health organizations such as the Public Health Specialists Association, the Turkish Heart Foundation, the Turkish Society of Cardiology, the Turkish Liver Foundation, and the Life Health and Social Services Foundation, but also civil society organizations (CSOs) from various sectors, including the Istanbul Traffic Foundation, the Traffic Accidents Prevention Association of Turkey, the Consumers Union, the Federation of Consumer Organizations, and the Health and Food Safety Movement. In addition to the civil organizations, the public bodies like the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Public Health Agency of Turkey, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, and the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Agency take part in the platform.

Need for updated alcohol regulations

Turkish Green Crescent Society President Prof. İhsan Karaman delivered a speech, noting that while similar formations have existed in many countries around the world, the initiative is a novel concept for Turkey. Pointing out to the fact that alcohol consumption is one of main factors for the traffic accidents, murders and violence against women in the country, Karaman indicated that the increased visibility of alcoholic beverage producers during sports events via advertising and sponsorship deals has pushed up the rates of alcohol consumption among children and young people.

The platform is expected to complete its charter and executive board formation activities in coming months and attract more organizations. Prof. Karaman stated that they will encourage the participation of more organization and raise country-wide awareness in connection with the platform. The Turkish Green Crescent Society will provide secretarial services for the platform.