Turkish Alcohol Policy Platform

Turkish Alcohol Policy Platform (TAPP) has been established to ensure compliance of the existing national and international alcohol policies with the public health norms and raise awareness about the harms of alcohol. It closely monitors international organizations’ decisions and practices concerning alcohol policies and tries to ensure that bills are passed regarding those decisions and practices that may be binding or serve as a model for our country. In this sense, TAPP is a public health platform that conducts advocacy, lobbying, research, observation, data creation, reporting and awareness raising work.

TAPP was established as a civil initiative in 2013 with the participation of 30 organizations and institutions in the field of alcohol policies, health, human rights, education, consumption, family, youth, tourism and the like. The production, sale, consumption, advertising, and promotion of alcohol, activities that foster alcohol consumption, and the relevant affairs fall within the domain of the TAPP.