What is the rationale of the TAPP's establishment?

* Every year 3.3 million people around the world die due to alcohol-related factors.

* Alcohol is among the main factors for more than 200 diseases and injuries.

* Alcohol is not only harmful to health, but also a cause of major economic and social ailments.

* On a global scale, disability-adjusted life year (DALY) measure for alcohol consumption is estimated to be 4.5%. Also, alcohol use is the leading risk factor for deaths and injuries among young people aged between 15 and 29.

* Every year, 320,000 young people aged between 15 and 29 die due to alcohol-related factors in the world.

* Alcohol consumption is one of main factors for the traffic accidents, murders and violence against women in our country.

* According to an OECD survey, Turkey ranks the second among Muslim countries with highest rate of alcohol consumption. Lebanon ranks the first in this regard with 2.3 liters.

* Alcoholic beverage companies market their products as if alcoholic beverages were part of sports or music events through advertising activities.

* The state monopoly on alcoholic beverages was abolished about 10 years ago and the alcoholic beverages sector has been privatized. In line with free market rules, the alcohol industry has diversified its products and expanded its market share by targeting the young people.

When was the TAPP established? What is its establishment purpose?

The Turkish Alcohol Policy Platform is a public health platform that conducts advocacy, lobbying, research, observation, data creation, reporting and awareness raising work with a view to ensuring compliance of the existing national and international alcohol polices with the public health norms, raising awareness about the harms of alcohol, and monitoring closely the international organizations’ decisions and practices concerning alcohol policies and tries to ensure that bills are passed regarding those decisions and practices that may be binding or serve as a model for our country.

The TAPP was established as a civil initiative in 2013 with the participation of 30 organizations and institutions in the field of alcohol policies, health, human rights, education, consumption, family, youth, tourism and the like.

What is the area of activity of the TAPP?

The production, sale, consumption, advertising, and promotion of alcohol, activities that foster alcohol consumption, and the relevant affairs fall within the domain of the TAPP.

To this end, the TAPP conducts scientific studies and supports academic work on alcohol policies.

The TAPP performs advocacy and lobbying work with a view to contributing as a civil initiative to the development of alcohol control measures in our country.

The TAPP seeks to raise the society’s awareness regarding alcohol policies and practices and organizes publicity and promotional campaigns to this end.

With a vision on a global scale, it cooperates with regional and international organizations and contributes to the development of effective national and international alcohol policies.

How can I be a member of the TAPP?

Only organizations can apply for membership to the TAPP. Individually, academics and scientists working in the field of alcohol policies can become members of the TAPP’s Science Board.

Organizations that operate in the field of alcohol policies, health, human rights, education, consumption, family, youth, tourism and the like can apply for membership to the TAPP. An organization that has any ties with the alcohol industry or industry cannot become a member of the platform. Membership is open to all organizations that operate in the field other than industry and it is conducted in a transparent manner. Members are not required to pay any fee for membership to the TAPP’s boards.

How are the TAPP's Executive Board and other bodies formed?

The TAPP’s Executive Board and other bodies are elected by the TAPP’s General Assembly. The TAPP’s General Assembly is formed with the participation of all member organizations and it convenes once every two years with the invitation of the Executive Board and the decisions are taken with the absolute majority of the participating General Assembly members.

Is the TAPP a public organization?

The Turkish Alcohol Policy Platform (TAPP) was established as a civil initiative with the participation of organizations from diverse areas. The public institutions that are members of the platform are members of the TAPP’s Advisory Board. These public institutions do not take part in the platform’s executive decision-making processes.